La industria del motor va a cambiar más en esta nueva década que en los 100 pasados años. Este es un breve viaje a lo que espera a la humanidad. La automatización de la conducción y la pérdida del automóvil como objeto de posesión y status van a reconfigurar completamente nuestra relación con los coches.  Juan Francisco Calero is a motor journalist and creator of content focus on motor products since 2001. Catalan of birth and formation, and based in Madrid. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (UAB Barcelona) and a Master of Science, Technology and Environmental Communication (UC3M Madrid).

He has received several awards and scholarships in this time for his work to promote innovative companies. He has created five audiovisual, technological and engine companies, some of them successfully.

He was director of Revenue Technique Automobile in Spain for many years. It took 12 years to get their car program done in Canal+, Motor 360. Then this program arrived later to DMAX. At T10, his current company, he creates and produces all kinds of content for and for the world of the engine. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.
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